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What are they?

Cornets are Brass instruments similar to Trumpets.

They are distinguished by having a more "Conical bore" as well as a more compact shape and mellower tone quality.

There are two different types of Cornet:


(Most common and the majority of the cornet section use)


(Also known as Soprano - Smaller and more 'niche' cornet. There is generally only One soprano cornet in a band)

Example of a Cornet

cornet 10.PNG

Our Cornet Section

Emma Mainwaring

Tony Hart

Adrian Faithful

Dan Brownsill

Clare Tring

Gruff Evans

Lucas Evans



Will Edmondson

Principal Cornet

Solo Cornet

Solo Cornet

Solo Cornet

Repiano Cornet

2nd Cornet

2nd Cornet

3rd Cornet

3rd Cornet

Soprano Cornet

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